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quinta-feira, 17 de março de 2011

THE CULT & FRIENDS [ Part TWO: History of the cult, 2001 until the present days, with Friends ,ex-friends, people who are conected to The cult]

                  the  Blood Brothers,  very high... Ian astbury ´´Cameleon , warrior , gypsie and brave´´ and Wayne hussey from The mission uk

 Matt sorum and Brasilian rock band KIARA ROCKS [ recording and playing togheters in Brasil 2011]

                The cult opening from Metallica
               Lez Warner and Mickey dee Motorhead , ex-former old band from school times
                    Scott garret and Patrick sugg [ Holy barbarians ]

                    Holy Barbarians 96
                         Perry farrel , Blonde woman and Billy Duffy
          Mike Dimkich live with The cult in 93

          Slim Jim phanton [ stray cats drummer ]

 Ian performing on Gathering of the tribes with Pete kelly on drums

                   4 big rock stars
           Blood Brothers from Uk [ Wayne hussey & Ian astbury ]

                  Ny city lounge bar [ Guns and roses playing with the cult during jam session private party , end of eighties , [Matt sorum , Izzy stradlin , Jamie stewart , Ian astbury and Axl rose ] songs by Black sabbath , led zeppelin , stones , sex pistols etc...]
                     Axl Cult t-shirt

  Amazing Woman AJ celi
 WYSE birthday´s cake

  Billy Idol , Billy Morrison and Billy Duffy on stage  !!!
 Dave Navarro recording with Billy duffy white falcon Gretsch guitar
 Kirk Brandon , Billy duffy and Craig Adams [THEATRE OF HATE new version ]
          Manchester´s musician [ Smiths, Cult and New order ]

 Steve Issacs

Hollywood united soccer team

Hard rock café Las vegas Cult wall , inedit pics.
 Jhonny Marr Manchester guitar hero , fan and your old guitar teacher Billy duffy
               Manchester musicians....and friends

                   2 guitar heros and yours husbands freaks

3 Billy´s in action, Long live the Queen...Billy duffy , Billy Idol and Billy Morrison

THE CULT 2011 ,John Garcia from KYUSS with The cult live

Chris Cornel-Soundgarden, Andrew wood from Mother Love bone and Ian astbury 1989 cult backstage
 Amazing picture [ Jason Bonham and Glenn hughes, fascinated to see Billy Duffy, playing his guitar....]
 Spin 86-87 pré-electric production

 JHONNY MARR & BILLY DUFFY very old friends from Manchester .
Billy Marr taught to play guitar at school
87 opening from Billy idol
Renee beach canadian girl hair and dressed  personal stylist ´´Edie ciao baby´´
 JT and Nikki six
                  Clive Bunker Jettro Tull

  Amazing drummer Terry Bozzio
 Eddie Jobson Frank zappa , roxy music musician

                           Iron maiden drummer

                      Sebastian Bach old friend and Cult fan
 Renee beach  wonderfull

   Cindy gomez , Dave ´´Eurythmics´´ Stewart and Renee
        Motley crue´s Nikki six

  Ian astbury and  Masters of Reality band of the cult producer Criss Goss 2011

          Jamie stewar cult former bassist
       Kinley wolf , Billy and a fan

  Billy gibbons ZZ TOP after jam session live with the cult 2001
 Ian astbury and Aqua Nebula
     Tempesta recording the cult new album
 Brian astbury
           Dustin James Joplin Astbury with CHE t-shirt...
 CHE ASTBURY with skate
 Dustyn astbury
 Brian Astbury , your son Lewis and Uncle Ian astbury cult backstage in UK 2011

John Tempesta embraced one of the greatest vocalists in rock history, Glenn hughes, people who passed through more ups and downs of life, came out on top, and still enchanting rockers worldwide, Hughes is currently in the band BLACK COUNTRY Communion, made some the shows with cult in 2011, Hughes is a great friend of Matt Sorum and all of the cult.

                Josie Stevens is a real doll boobs big size
                         Aj & Susan holmes [ Duff mkagan´s wyfe]

                             The cult pré-production new record 2011

                           Tempesta & Testament
                                      2 beasts of drums in action


Ian astbury in Brasil 95 after The cult interview in Maksoud plaza hotel São paulo , Kid Vinil brasilian rock jornalist and Cult fan talking in a background. rare pic

Dustyn James Joplin Astbury Following in the footsteps of his father, singing in a band, smoking and drinking to brighten the life ...
Dustyn and your cousin Louis Astbury , son of Brian astbury before Cult concert in UK 2011
 Le beauty Heather , Sweet salvation and Mother of Che and Dustyn
                      Che astbury

Billy Morrison , first The cult , now with Billy idol

CHRIS WYSE since 2000 play bass with The cult and Lead vocals and bass OWL THE BAND.

MATT SORUM old school

Two great drummers friends
Jason Bonham is an excellent drummer, he has technique, feeling and hits hard, besides being the son of the best drummer in rock history,''Bonzo''JOHN BONHAM, Jason is a fan of the Cult for a long time, he toured with The Cult at 89-90, and came to be contemplated in the cult to play during the ceremony, his current band, BLACK COUNTRY Communion is one of the best in the world and its lead singer, maybe one of the five best singers in rock history, English GLENN HUGHES, a personal friend and former Led Zeppelin lead singer of Deep Purple and Trapeze, Hughes is friends with the staff of the Cult and has worked with Matt Sorum on several songs, it would be something wonderful, a share of the Glenn hughes next Cult album, their voice can melt steel ...

Chris wyse and Beautyfull brasilian girls [Carol Murray and friend]

The cult 2011

  Brasilian concerts
                                     John Tempesta Drummer
THE CULT opening South America Tour in México.
John Tempesta, Lord Archi, Billy duffy
Billy & MarkMcgrath
Billy Ceremony 
The Cult & Metallica 93

Ian astbury live 1994 -ERNESTO CHE GUEVARA t-shirt
Ian astbury intro the Muscle car.
John tempesta and old friend of The cult , Brad Whitford , guitarrist of Aerosmith.
The cult backstage .
The cult meeting Berlin Germany
Ian astbury and Billy duffy , Hollywood footbal team 
Dustyn James joplin astbury , the first son of Ian astbury , right .
LAMF t-shirts designed by Ian astbury
The cult for the fisrt time in Brasil december 1991 São paulo 

Billy duffy Ipanema beach Brasil Rio de janeiro 2006
Ian astbury , Josh Holidays radio programe interview new york city 2008
Billy duffy playing John tempesta drum kit
Two guitar heros , friends since 87.
Ian playing acoustic guitar and singing Holy mountain song 2008.
Interesting pictures.
Jamie stewart playing with The cult London 2009
Jamie Stewart and his daughter 2011 Canadá 
Music now only in the church .
Jamie stewart and Chris wyse [ 2 expecptional bassist of The cult in London during Love tour, Jamie play with The cult almost  20 years later.]
Jamie stewart , canadian business man 
JAMIE STEWART, bassist, guitarist and keyboardist, founder of the cult, left the band in 1990, played with Adrian Smith of Iron maiden , the group THE UNTOCHABLES was a music producer, recorded a solo album [masterstroke], and works with phone company in Canada, is now a quiet, family man, happy in his children and wife, and now only plays in the Church ...

The cult, changing visual 92-93
Foto maravilhosa 
Billy duffy , Jerry cantrel with Bob rock and Metallica , rock n roll hall of fame.
The cult 99-2000
The cult 94-95
The cult self titled promo 
Ian astbury gathering of the tribes 90
Maybe the best picture of my web page THE CULT SONIC TEMPLE ERA.
The cult 91-92
Ian astbury and Billy duffy with amazing drummer MICHAEL LEE .
At the last concert of The Cult with Metallica in 89, the musicians of Metallica, stormed the stage of the cult, dressed in a wig, imitating  Ian Astbury, while executing: Fire woman.

Tommy lee & Ian astbury 
Extreme rare picture with Ian astbury drinking with Balaam and angels band...
Rare picture of  THEATRE OF HATE, Billy duffy with sunglasses and hat.
Billy duffy playing guitar , old times...
Ian astbury [ Southern death cult and Death cult with the same woman...]
She sells sanctuary and Ressurection joe singles
Interesting Photos
Big day out festival australia 95
James stevenson playing guitar with The cult [left ] 95
Ian astbury singing with Billy idol and The doors , for the first time , during The doors mtv premiere , Oliver´s stone movie , 1991.
Ian astbury singing with The doors and Billy idol 91.
James stevenson [ cult guitarrist 94-95]  in CHELSEA band uk.
James stevenson in Generation X, with Billy idol .
Billy idol new band , with Billy morrison second guitar and Jeremy coulson [circus diablo live drummer] to.
The brilliant Guitar player Steve stevens, working with Michael jackson [King of Pop].
Matt sorum , the cult former drummer playing with Billy idol.
The cult former members.
Billy idol and Ian astbury singind with The doors 1991.
The cult and Billy idol´s band on backstage [Billy idol & The cult usa tour]

Billy Idol, The Cult invited to open their shows in the United States at 87, James Stevenson, guitarist who played with the cult in 94-95,was a partner of Billy Idol, Chelsea and Generation X, Billy duffy was invited and came to take tests, to work with Billy Idol, after the fight , in 1995 from The Cult, Matt Sorum played with Billy Idol, Billy Morrison is now part of the band of Billy Idol, as well as drummer Jeremy Coulson, who played with Morrison and Billy duffy ,live in,Circus Diablo.

The link between The Cult, and Billy Idol, is very strong, they know, as long as Ian Astbury, sang in the SDC, and Billy Idol was part of bands like: CHELSEA, GENERATION X, their friendship has lasted until today, and the paths of the two bands crossed paths several times.
[AIM Association of independent music], held a charity auction, and musician Sean smuff Lee, donated 1,000 pounds, for cause, and was covered with a jam session live with The Cult, and played guitar with his idol Billy duffy, organized by Former cult label, Beggars Banquet.
Jack osbourne , Carmen electra and Courtney love
Love removal machine´s cult t-shirt

CARMEN ELECTRA beauty woman and big fan of The cult.

Che wild like a horse 2011
Che and Ian astbury 2011 [ LAMF clothes]  by Ian astbury
Brian astbury , old SDC- The cult  roadie-
Brian Astbury and Ian astbury ´´blood brothers´´ Uk 2011

UNKLE live October 2010 El Rey with Ian astbury .
Ian astbury & Boris live in Japan 2010

Boris new released 2011 [ Ian astbury guests on ´´Riot sugar´´]

BORIS & IAN ASTBURY [ new released 2011]


Billy duffy´s special skull ring

 Billy duffy with Hollywood night figures Sorum & Noce party

Record sessions of LOUD song .
Billy duffy and Stooges Iggy pop band backstage.
 South america cult tour 2008
 The cult Boca juniors estadio Buenos aires Argentina 2008

 The doors firsts concert 2002 with Barbera and Stewart copeland...
The cult 90

Mix pics
Matt sorum and Brasilian guitarrist Hudson Cadorini , Hudson, fought with his brother, and abandoned his career,Brazilian country music, to devote himself exclusively to rock.
 Album recorded in hollywood usa with Matt sorum, Mike Inez bassist play too.

Matt Sorum, the Brazilian played on the album, HUDSON, band Rolemax

Mickey Dee Motorhead Drummer

Motorhead backstage 2009 with Matt sorum on drums
 The cult during Motorhead & Matt sorum concert backstage.

Matt Sorum played with Motorhead during a tour in 2009 due to Mickey Dee, drummer, will be participating in a reality show in Sweden.

Vinnie Appice , Tempesta and drummer friends

Great friends The Cult Drummers

Niko Mcbrain , Tempesta , Carmine appice and friend

Abe laboriel jr [Paul Mcartney drums], tempesta and Kenny aronnof
Chad Smith and Tempesta

Thin Lizzy original drummer, Brian Downey
Hugo Lost series
White Zombie
 David Grohl
 David Lee roth

 Mark brezicki [ Big country, Procol Harum, The cult Love album] Backstage London The cult


Hawai Honolulu Radio programe with The Doors

The Doors first´s concert [Stewart Copeland drums and Angelo Barbera on bass]

Rare pictures The doors Ian astbury times [ The Doors Storytellers video ]

´´He's like Jim Morrison, reborn ...´´

David Coverdale talking about Ian Astbury

"We can not forget that the Cult did reemerge in the very back of Led Zeppelin in 80 years. They had a similar energy and charisma on stage, "

U2 Bono speaking about The Cult

"The Cult was a band that you called attention onstage. Ian all in black, accompanied by Wild Billy's guitar playing with all that energy out of them. The audience was goths, punks, Harders, all types. It tasted like for everything. And you just left the gym stoned. Looked like he'd just seen a ceremony, a ritual,

"says Ian McCulloch, lead singer of Echo and the Bunnymen.

Ian McCulloch, the same city is Ian Astbury, three years older, and began to get interested in music, listening to David Bowie, just like Ian Astbury, he are friends and have played together in their respective bands.

Noel Gallagher has expressed interest in setting up a temporary band with members who are fans of Manchester City:
Billy duffy, Johnny Marr, Damon Gough, Dj pickering, Rick Wakeman etc
Noel had attended a concert with the Holy Barbarians in 1996

Misha Barton, British actress

David Beckhan, big fan of the cult, and companion of Ian and Billy, the football team, Hollywood United FC.

Recording with The cult 2010

Chriss Goss and gran master John Paul Jones [Led Zeppelin bass and keyboards]

Chris Goss, Goss worked with Ian , in 2000 and returned to work with the Cult in 2010, where he recorded an album, and now in 2011, they would be recording another.

Les warner with Montrose band

Iron Maidem drummer
 Les Warner & Bob Geldof [The cult backstage]

The cult Magical mistery tour 85
 The cult & Lez Warner 86
Les warner with Julian Lennon band , before The cult
Les warner with Phil ´´animal´´Taylor [right] , founded member of Motorhead , old band before cult.
Les the cult

Les warner playing in Africa

Les warner band with Paul raven [killing joke] after The cult despit 88

Les warner The cult cover band [ sad final]
Les warner & Mick fleetwood

Niko McBrain Iron maidem drummer & Les warner

Les Warner, after the departure of the cult and a court fight, and went through several bands before the cult he also played with a lot of nice people.

              Che astbury and Ian , Archie´s ice cream

James kottak
Robert plant
ARCHIE´S ICE CREAM 2007-Ian Astbury takes his son to a famous ice cream house, hollywood.
Billy Duffy and Mike Fraser is a Canadian record producerengineer, and mixer, work with The cult and various famous rock band.
Billy Duffy born to be wild 2001.
Save Sudan people .

 BG&EVIL sessions 2000

Sweet home california 2000 zen mafia video

Ian astbury Tibet-Nepal-Asia with childrens
 Skin head

Chuck zito 2002

  Manchester city very huge fan
Hollywood united football club player.

Ciggie time

            Very rare picture 1989

The Cult new years eve concert Canadá 91-92 with Lenny Kravitz on stage.

Ian astbury with former cult bassist Kid ´´haggis´´ chaos band, Four horsemen.

Extreme rare picture : Billy duffy playing during Gathering of the tribes oct 90 with Pete kelly drums and Terry nails on bass  and Ian astbury vocals.
Amazing pose

Matt sorum The cult picture rare

 Raritie : Nigel ´´naturally high´´ Preston with Billy and Ian 1984.
Led zeppelin aura 1985

Rare photos and interesting

Ian Astbury, with shirt, on her own fashion label Bathing ape, made ​​in Japan 2003 UK.

Ian astbury 2003 England .
Logo design by Ian astbury

Despite legal fight, Ian Astbury played with John Densmore of The Doors and sometimes beyond DVD.

Jim morrison graves Pere lachaise Paris 2003

The doors 2002

Darryl read and The Doors backstage

Darryl read and Chris wyse , The cult backstage 2006

Darryl read and Danny sugerman, Danny , Phil Chen bassist and Daryl -21st century backstage

DARRYL READ ; British musician and singer, proto-punk artist, beat poet and old friend of The doors and The cult fan .

Guns and Roses oficial Biographer.

DANNY SUGERMAN, manager, biographer of The Doors, Jim Morrison's friend, was responsible for the approach of Ian Astbury with the band in 1991 and were friends until his death in 2005.

 Coloursound acoustic sessions

Billy , Peters , Slim jim phanton and friend

Old partners
Derek Forbes Simple minds Bassist & Billy duffy

 Mike peters & Billy duffy live Empire states benefit concert

BILLY DUFFY & MIKE PETERS: are friends since they worked together in a clothing store in England, and even pursue a career with their bands The cult & The Alarm, they made several musical projects together.

Billy duffy about Sammy hagar´s new album
Loud live in the studio , amazing video and song 2009

Billy duffy live with Sammy hagar band

Loud video , amazing song !!! totally rock n roll
 The cult boys guests on new Sammy hagar solo album 2009

THE CULT & VAN HALLEN 2009-Longtime friends, Matt Sorum, Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony and Billy duffy, record together, LOUD, a video and a song for the solo album by Sammy Hagar, Billy and Matt were always guests at your beach house in Cabo Wabo, Mexico, the partnership of 2009, yielded excellent results.

JAPANESE CARTOON-Ian astbury & Lupe Fiasco Side project ´´about street japanese culture ´´
Sound similary a Joy Division , Ian astbury play drums in a few tracks and Backing vocals ,Lupe fiasco called : Ian ´´poppa wolfie´´ Astbury .Very very interesting songs !!!

Ian astbury with Unkle again 2011



Ace harper Matt sorum girl and AJ celi 2011-Married to rock hollywood usa

AJ CELI & BILLY DUFFY 2011 season´s end Married to rock

Ian Astbury @ Designer of the Year Dinner, Miami, Florida 2010

Ian Astbury performed with Laurie Lynn Stark, Steve Jones, Duff McKagan, Jesse Jo Stark, Richard Stark, Sean Kinney during the Designer of the Year Dinner hosted by Chrome Hearts for Design Miami at The Moore Building on December 4, 2010 in Miami, Florida.
BXI EP Track Listing:
1. Teeth and Claws
2. We are Witches
3. Rain [the cult cover vocals by wata]
4. Magickal Child

5. The end [The doors cover live]
Ian astbury singing and all songs , except 3.

IAN ASTBURY & BORIS -BXI project and album 2010
Ian astbury Fortaleza Brasil 2008

 Rolling stone magazine Party
Hard rock café The cult wall

                Che astbury , wild like a horse old picture
 Ian astbury yuppie man


Chris wyse with Ducati all stars 2010

Chris wyse , Billy morrison and Steve jones , Ducati all stars
Billy duffy , Franky perez on vocals ,Steve jones and Billy morrison DUCATI ALL STARS

Jason Bonham on drums and Steve stevens lead guitars 2010


Billy gibons zz top with Camp freddy
 Billy morrison now with BILLY IDOL´S BAND.
Mark mgrath and Billy duffy
Courtney love

Dave kushner Velvet revolver , old partner of Ian astbury on ZILCH project.

Chris wyse Camp freddy 2010

Macy gray Camp freddy 2010

Steven tyler
Mick fletwood , legendary drummer of FLEETWOOD MAC , the cult fan .

 Tyler and Mick fleetwood playing ´´rattlesnake shake´´ with Camp freddy 2010

Slim Jim phanton 2010

Billy Idol and Jeremy coulson , second drummer of Circus Diablo , now Billy´s idol band with B. Morrison.

Johnny lang on lead guitar
Sebastian Bach Camp freddy


MARRIED TO ROCK 2010- E-TV channel and promotes a reality show, with wives, celebrity rock, Etty Farrell, AJ celi, Susan Holmes and Josie Stevens.
Former Cult drummers , Matt sorum and James kottak , Kottak auditioned for Guns and roses before playing with The cult after Sorum departure.

Lil Devil´s Billy duffy girl AJ CELI 
Aj celi , new girlfriend of Billy duffy
Angela celi have dated Axl Rose, before Billy duffy , The cult backstage 2006

Matt sorum and James Kottak [ two former drummers of the Cult togheter , Kottak auditioned for guns and roses , before playing drums with the cult.
Billy duffy and your Wife , not blondie yet.

Billy duffy and your wife Jennifer Mallini 2007

    Richie Sambora´s Bon Jovi guitarrist and Jennifer Mallini , married after the Billy´s break union.
   Jerry cantrel , Billy and your friend Richie Sambora.

Billy duffy and Jennifer Mallini [ex-wife 2004-2007]actually Richie sambora´s wyfe.

Billy , Matt sorum and old cult friend Tommy Lee Motley crue drummer.

Billy duffy and Juliette lewis , very huge cult fand during Rolling stone magazine event.
Diva soul Macy gray Dj with Sonic temple cult t-shirt

Billy Duffy , Matt Sorum and Lenny Kravitz , old friend of The cult during fashion event 2007

Billy duffy being photographer for Lennykravitz
Cult brothers and Lenny , drinking genuine brasilian Capirinha´s drink.2006-2007
Old Friends

2004 fashion event

2005 Camp freddy

Mercedez Benz fashion event 2005



John Tempesta on drums

Capsules , Cult new format of music

Tom Vitorino , Cult Mananger since 2005 and former mananger of The Doors-21st century-Riders on the storm
Ian and Che astbury , skate store

Ian and Che Astbury talk about Skate on tv programe

Ian astbury on magazine
Angela Celi birthday´s party ny city
Ian and Angela , Billy´s girlfriend

Ian Astbury on another project: SOFT REVOLT, Small acoustic shows, and sometimes with an electric band, with songs of his own and several covers on acoustic guitar solo, the actor YUL VASQUEZ, concerts to promote the theatrical group, the his girlfriend,Ballet dancer and yoga teacher, Apolla echino.

Yul Vasquez & Julia Roberts

LAByrinth Theater Company's 7th Annual Gala Benefit dezember 2009

The Original line up of LOVE ALBUM : Jamie stewart on bass and Mark brzezicki on drums LONDON UK

The Gibson sessions events Ian astbury 2009

Ian astbury , jeweler Stephen Webster, Christina Aguilera and Michael john dimkich february 2009

Tommy Hilfiger Event 2007

Michael lee dies of epilepsy November 2008

Max noce , great friend of the cult former drummer MICHAEL LEE

Matt sorum & Max noce

Jim marshal , famous rock photographer

 The cult drummers & Max noce
John Tempesta

Mark Mcgrath , Billy duffy , Angela Celi your girlfriend and Matt sorum

SORUM & NOCE 2008-Matt Sorum and designer Max Noce Italian, open, a really nice clothing store in Hollywood.



Ian Atsbury of The Cult Visits fuse's "Steven's Untitled Rock 2007


John lydon sex pistols & Billy duffy

Carmine Appice

BILLY DUFFY Bodog Battle Of The Bands Live Series Finale 2007

IAN ASTBURY 2007 -LAST CONCERTS with THE DOORS , now RIDERS ON THE STORM because legacy fight with John densmore and Jim morrison family.

Ian astbury playing bass with UNKLE .

Unkle live 2007
Ian astbury guests on 2 songs and various remix versions
Ian live with UNKLE

UNKLE - Ian astbury Writes two songs with UNKLE [Burn my shadow and "When the things explodes], and several remix later in the song Forever, and many live stakes.


CIRCUS DIABLO 2006-Billy duffy is part of a new band along with Matt Sorum, Billy Morrison and Brett scallions and other rotating musicians.

THE CULT 2006.Ian Astbury,solves to abandon gradually THE DOORS , since they were losing all the legal battles ,and the Cult back in early 2006 , now with John Tempesta on drums and Chris Wyse on bass .

Michael des barres , Steve jones , Slim jim phanton

Michael des barres , ex-detectives band , old friends of Led zeppelin
Michael Des barres & Robert plant 70 years

Gavin Rossdale & Chris wyse

Scott weilland Camp freddy 2005

Gina gershom


/AAAAAAAAI3A/UHOX7uDoM-I/s1600/86116526.jpg" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;">

VH1 Classic Presents "Decades Rock Live: A Tribute to the Doors" - August 5, 2005 DVD

Beauty Gina gershon , old Cult friend on the event
Ian Astbury did a little show at the event, the band that made ​​theshow, then went into the studio to record a third solo album by Ian Astbury, that would be produced by Gordon Raphael [producer strokes] with Charley Drayton on drums, Danny Saber on bass, Ian on vocals, and guitarist of the Stone Roses, John Squire, the album called WARRIORS OF A MISTIC PLAINS.

Theodora Richards on the catwalk .Buddhist punk fashion show 2004
Steven Tyler
Elisabeth jagger
Keith richards daugthers, and Elisabeth jagger on the event

              Joe perry dressing t-shirt Punk Buddhist fashion show

Cardboard Vampires & Camp freddy 2004

Steve Stevens , Billy idol band and Chris wyse with Camp freddy live 2004

Lemmy live

Lisa marie presley singing with Camp freddy

Jack osbourne & Lemmy Camp freddy after party

Chad smith & Juliette lewis

Macy gray
Sharon stone Camp freddy after party

Billy duffy , Cantrel paying attention on Steve stevens guitar lesson

Mark mcgrath



Alice in Chains lead guitar

Chris wyse great bassist

CARDBOARD VAMPIRES 2004: featuring Jerry Cantrell, Billy Duffy, John Corabi, Chris Wyse, and Josh Howser.

Ian Astbury and one of his biggest idols, was Bowie's first album that Ian was on life 
[LIFE ON MARS single 1973]
David Bowie after party LA 2004 [Depeche Mode-Pixies-Cult-Janes addiction members with Bowie]

Nicolle Richie & Juliette Lewis Camp freddy backstage


 Benidorm Bullring concert España 2003
  Lisbon Portugal The doors concert 2003

          Portugal 2003

Lisboa Portugal 2003
España 2003

  The Doors 21st century , Pere lachaise Cemetery PARIS 60th Jim morrison birthday 2003
The Doors very huge fan and Ian astbury friend.

 Jim poems burn Paris 2003
Jim morrison Pere lachaise graves Paris France

The Doors are going to PARIS, to honor the 60 years anniversary of the death of JIM MORRISON.

Phil Chen [ ex-Rod stewart, Jeff beck , Bob Marley , Brian May ...]
Ty Dennis Robbie Krieger solo band

Angelo Barbera, did not fly the airplane and was replaced by Phil Chen's concerts outside the United States, and Ty Dennis was the drummer Stewart Copeland once had a bicycle accident and had to drop out of THE DOORS

Ian astbury with Glenn Danzig 2000

Billy duffy & Mike peters live acoustic with COLOURSOUND

Billy duffy , Kirk bradon , Billy´s partner of Theatre of hate and Mike peters

Lemmy Kilmister with Dead men walking live

Brian setzer Stray cats & DMW

Mick Jones The Clash & DMW

DEAD MEN WALKING 2003 -Billy duffy incorporates a band of friends who play music from their original bands, tour, from July to November 2003 :

Mike Peters - (The Alarm / Coloursound) (Singer/rhythm guitar)
Kirk Brandon - (Theatre Of Hate / Spear of Destiny ) (Lead guitar)
Slim Jim Phantom - (Stray Cats) (Drummer)
Captain Sensible - (The Damned ) (Bass Guitar)
Guest musicians include
Mick Jones - (The Clash / Carbon/Silicon / Gorillaz )
Derek Forbes - (Simple Minds / A Few Good Men / Spear of Destiny)
Billy Duffy - (The Cult / Theatre of Hate)
Lemmy - (Motörhead)
Brian Setzer- (Stray Cats)
Previous musicians include
Pete Wylie - Wah!
Glen Matlock - (Sex Pistols)
Bruce Watson - (Big Country)

Ian astbury sing on MC5 TRIBUTE-LIVE LONDON´S 100 CLUB, ´´Kick out the jams´´

If Jim Morrison is alive somewhere, he would be proud to see Ian Astbury singing his songs with so much talent and dedication.

After saying that he had hearing problems, tinnitus, John Densmoreon drums appears as if nothing had happened, and a bit difficult life,the new THE DOORS, who wanted to only play, sing, recite poetry,reviving Jim Morrison, and of course. earn some money ...

THE DOORS WORLD TOUR beggining 2003

THE DOORS of 21st CENTURY play on TV - JANUARY 2003-TONIGHT SHOW with JAY LENNO USA-Now with a new name because of the lawsuit filed by John Densmore, and the family of Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson, by not using the name THE DOORS.

HOLLYWOOD ZEN-Matt Sorum, released a solo album where he plays, various instruments and with the participation of friends

Craig Adams, and Scott Garrett, were playing with THE MISSION UK, when they were invited back to the cult in 2002
Mike piazza & Ian astbury & Chuck zito [ the cult after party Ventura California usa 2002]

Chuck Zito [actor OZ  Tv series, and Pamela Anderson Bodyguard] The Cult huge fan.

Mike Piazza

the cult backstage 2002

Piazza , Ian , Chuck zito, Billy duffy , Scott garret , Mike dimkich and Craig adams , after party 2002

October 2002 without explanation, the Cult, goes on a tour of a week, and surprised fans with Craig Adams and Scott garret, back to the band, proving that The cult members would shift, as who exchange clothes. Mike Dimkich, still going strong with The Cult.

THE CULT melting ice, October 2002 Live during one week -California mini-tour Usa.

John Doe , X band , Beat poet with The doors singind Awake-ghost song live
John doe and Indians 2002
 Xamanism The doors 2002
John doe from X , The doors
 Canadian concert The doors 2002

Stewart copeland & The doors live

New The doors in the Studio 2002

Studio session The doors 2002 -Stewart Copeland & Ian astbury

Jim Ladd´s Living room radio programe live at House of Blues 2002

First Concert of  The Doors 2002

 Brett Scallions [Fuel , girlfriend and Billy morrison]
 Perry and Etty farrel -Camp Freddy show 2002

Camp freddy & Captain morgan beer party 2002

Billy duffy playing with Camp freddy
Robbie willians
 Matt sorum & Billy duffy during Camp freddy concert 2002
 Dave navarro & Carmen electra

Matt sorum
Billy Morrison & Slash
The cult partners

Matt sorum , Slash and Billy duffy , old friends now with Camp freddy 2002

Billy duffy sonic temple pose !

Melissa auf de mar & Dave navarro

2002 CAMP FREDDY, headed up by Billy Morrison (Billy Idol/The Cult), Dave Navarro (Janes Addiction/The Panic Channel), Matt Sorum (Guns N Roses/Velvet Revolver), Donovan Leitch (son of legendary folk singer Donovan), and Chris Chaney (Janes Addiction/Alanis Morrisette) was created for the sole purpose have having a good time, Camp Freddy play with : Moby, Robbie Williams, Ronnie Wood, Stephen Jenkins, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mark McGrath, Slash, Brett Scallions, Macy Gray, Perry Farrell, Wes Scantlin, Billy Duffy, Fabrizio Moretti, Lou Reed, Stephen Perkins, Twiggy Ramirez, Duff McKagan, Sebastian Bach, Kid Rock, Melissa Etheridge, Gina Gershon, Dee Snider, Gavin Rossdale, Steven Tyler, Juliette Lewis, Chad Smith, Jerry Cantrell, Shelby Lynne, Jonathan Davis, Cypress Hill, Ozzy Osbourne

   Stewart Copeland & The doors
 Danny sugerman with The doors , harley Davidson leather jackets 100 years party

Stewart Copeland now with THE DOORS ,John Densmore claimed to suffer from tinnitus, and did not want to be part of the meeting, The Doors, months later, Densmore filed a millionaire, against them, a legal war that would culminate with theband's breakup in 2007.
        Harley davidson 100 years Party 2002

              Stewart Copeland, Ray manzareck ,Robbie Krieger, Ian astbury and bassist Angelo Barbera

THE DOORS 2002: With frozen Cult, Ian Astbury joins Robbie Krieger, Ray Manzareck, and drummer Stewart Copeland The Police since, John Densmore, claimed to be ill, and would not part of the new, The Doors, They debut at the feast of 100 years of Harley Davidson in September 2002.

Billy Morrison recorded a video with Robbie Williams, as a guitarist,his original position, and announced that The Cult will be: ON ICE from now on, Morrison begins the formation of a series of bands, with several members. Translate : four cult end
Beggars Banquet release other box with 5 cds [ only unreleased versions]

2002 100th edition of MOJO MAGAZINE with The cult

Complete Coloursound limited edition box with 3 CDs

John hoome-Dj witchman, former partner Ian astbury, on the album, Spirt light speed, throws some remixes and versions of the song: Angel Art, with vocals from Ian Astbury.


                Ian astbury and Steve jones [ Wisk a go go Bg&evil party]
                     Nicolas Cage & The cult
 Sex pistols,   Guitar hero , Steve Jones and The cult [Wisk a go go Hollywood usa] BG&Evil Party
 Matt sorum pounding on Cult drums 2001

              Private Party hollywood 2001

             Beyond good and Evil released Usa
 Nicolas & Brother

  The Cult Gone in the 60 seconds Party
 Promotional picture RARE CULT BOX SET 2000

Ian astbury is a oficial football player of Hollywood united Football club , lead by Steve jones .

   Radio party 2001

Ian Astbury in an interview where he talks about nothing common issues: Life after death, his dreams, his sons, about living off the land, ets, and about their fears and their achievements.

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