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sexta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2011

THE CULT & FRIENDS [ Part 3 : History of the cult, all ages pictures, with Friends ,ex-friends, people who are conected to The cult]


Kevin staab , Kid Haggis Chaos and Ian astbury ,He became friends with Haggis in a skate park, and they played together with Zodiac Mindwarp, Haggis became a successful musician, he played twice with the guns
and roses live, when Duff married Mandi brix and left Honeymooners, Haggis followed musical career and is now a renowned physician of new york, specializing in gynecological cancer.

LOS ANGELES TIMES THE CULT return on great Press USA 2012

Ian and Tatoo maker .

2012 june Live , pics by Yul Vazques

Yul Vaskez Actor , Singer and Guitarrist Ian´s former partner on SOFT REVOLT side project.

Ian Astbury , Renee beach , actrees and Legendary DANNY SUGGERMAN THE DOORS MANANGER 1991,when Ian know The Doors original members , and sing with us and Billy Idol on THE DOORS PREMIERE MTV MOVIE  from Oliver stone  
Electric boys 1987 [Lez warner , Billy Duffy,Ian astbury , jamie stewart and Kid´´ haggis´´ chaos cult bassist on electric tour
 Gone in the sixty seconds movie 2000
Aimee Nash band

Jamie Edwards : Keyboard player of The cult new album CHOICE OF WEAPON 2012, Edwards play with AIMEE MANN band .

Billy duffy on magazine
the cult live 2012 Rock and Roll stars review 2012 Joe Elliot Def leppard , Steven stevens wyfe and Duffy´s couple , Aimee nash and Aj celi
Iggy Pop , Michael Hutchense and Ian 1990 Renee beach with Ian astbury skull hat

Ian astbury interview on tv 2012 , Billy Duffy and Jhonny Marr -The smiths during Manchester city football club 2012
Ian Tibetan freedom 99
Billy Duffy cover magazine
Lez warner and Billy duffy , and The cult with The Mission uk musicians in Europe 1986 probably when play togheter various covers songs live [ Tush , La woman , Final countdown , hey joe etc] Mission drummer , guitarrist and Craig adams bassist , Lez and Billy empty bottle .

May 2012
Lima Perú South America Ruins
Matt sorum drums kit with The cult
Fire and gasoline 1990
Ian astbury singing with Beastie boys 1987 MTV new years eve [ rare pic]
Hannah mosqueda 19 years old actress on new cult video .
After almost 12 years without releasing a video, The Cult released their new single video For the animals, with the participation of actress Hannah Mosqueda.

Paul Mcartney is by chance with Rock n roll all stars on Hotel lobby in Paraguay 2012

right: 1em;">
Married to rock stars , Wyfe´s of Gilby Clarke , Steve stevens , Duff mkagan , Glenn Hughes , Sebastian bach ,Matt sorum, Billy duffy , Gene simons...
Julian lennon [Les warner play drums with Julian Lennon before The cult ] and Hughes

3 very cult friends : Hughes , Farrel and Idol
Matt Sorum the most famous drummer of The cult , with his band, the ceremony included the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame 2012
Billy Duffy & Zack Wylde 2012
Billy Duffy , Wayne Kramer MC5 and Tom Morello Jam session 2012

Revolver golden globe 2012
Ian astbury walking on Lupa Luna backstage Curitiba Brasil 2011

Cardboard Vampyres leaders
Tommy lee and Billy duffy
Camp Freddy
Steve pistols Jones and Cult members
Billy , Jerry cantrell and Richie sambora and friend
Cardboard Vampyres live
The Alarm reunion and Billy duffy

Ian astbury´s first inspiration
The Best line up for me , Rising tour 1999
THEATRE OF HATE  [ Billy duffy and Nigel preston ]

Amazing north-american guitar hero Zakk wylde and Billy duffy 2012.

GUILD flat acoustic guitars Billy duffy interview .
 Little peace dog .

Revolver Golden Globe 2012

Ceremonial stomp tour 91-92

Jim Morrison Pere lachaise Grave [Phill chen , Ian , Manzareck and Krieger ]

Gathering of the tribes 1990

Michelle eberling motorbyker and rock singer .

Billy duffy and your old former girlfriend Michelle Ebberling 1989

Keith richards t-shirt

The cult , roadies and Renne beach Belgiam 89 Tour with Aerosmith and Skid row.

Renee beach Indian style

Ian astbury and Brian astbury 1982 SDC.

Michelle ebberling ,backing vocals in gimmick song Dreamtime live at lyceum London uk 1984

The cult 1984

Billy Duffy in an interview on sound equipment and guitars YAMAHA .

Actress Rooney Mara , Actor Matthew McConaughey and The cult 2012

 80s rockers The Cult revealed that last week at SXSW that not only did Malick film them performing their sold out show at Auditorium Shores, but he also shot backstage footage of the band that included improvised scenes with Rooney Mara. WTF. And oh, it gets better. Not only did Mara also shoot The Cult onstage while they performed, Matthew McConaughey came out and played congas on two songs.

 Both live concert and backstage footage from The Cult‘s recent SXSW show, which saw them playing in at the 25,000-capacity Auditorium Shores, was filmed for usage in Terrence Malick’s upcoming feature film ‘Lawless.’

Rooney Mara, an Academy Award nominee and breakout star of ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,’ is starring in the movie and was on hand at the venue. She appeared onstage and in improvised scenes backstage with members of the band. Talk about living the rock star life.

Actor Matthew McConaughey was also on site, playing congas on two songs during The Cult’s set. Check out the photo of singer Ian Astbury hobknobbing with Mara and McConaughey.

Astbury wasn’t just hanging with A-listers while rocking SXSW crowds last week. He actually delivered an incisive, hour-long,clinic-style presentation that dissected the voice as an instrument. The discussion was moderated by Martin Atkins, who has served time in Killing Joke and Ministry.

Those who attended were not only educated about vocals tips and techniques; Astbury also dispensed advice for staying healthy on the road, sharing that hydration is key! Astbury also recalled tales of his encounters with the likes of Guns N’ Roses. We’re sorry we missed it, because if anyone knows about voice-as-instrument, it’s Mr. Astbury.

Matthew McConaughey, originally from Austin Texas, participated in percussion playing two songs in the show's cult, he is married to a Brazilian model, Camila Alves and a big fan of the cult.


Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy, record participation in the TV show, That Metal Show of VH1, which will air soon 12 may 2012
ROCK N ROLL ALL STARS in studio [Gene Simmons , Steve Stevens , Billy Morrison and Matt Sorum ]
Marshall amps 50 years party with Billy duffy live

First Concert of The Cult 2012 AUSTIN TEXAS USA SXSW


Billy Duffy played live with the excellent guitarist, Tom Morello, and legendary MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer, whose guitar, Billy Duffy used in recording the new album from The Cult

The Cult participated in a benefit concert, which the highest bidder, giving the right to play live with the band, the musician SMUFIN, was the winner, and played with his idol Billy Duffy Live.
                           Philty Animal taylor -Motorhead etc
Morrissey Musicians , No doubt , Billy duffy and more...

                Steve Jones and Aj celi

                        Juliette Lewis

Ian astbury and Mark Morris nigth club 87
Mark Morris -Balaam and angels on bass

1992 pink pop
                        Self titled

           Holy barbarians


             Ian astbury toy

              amazing picture

      1990 Renee beach & Ian astbury


Zack Wylde rock n roll Toast Evente 2012 guitar world

The cult 2011 europe
Demi Lovato The Cult Fan [ teen actress, singer, same carrier of bipolar disorder, working with charities and always engaged in favor of the environment, victims of bullyng and sick children]

               Fender telecaster model
Matt sorum , Billy Duffy and your girls

The cult self titled era 94

Billy duffy 1993 Milton keynes bowl Uk opening for Guns and roses , change of visual and sound, grunge-era plaid shirts, stylish goatee and short hair

The cult 94 magazine

91 magazine pré-ceremony album

Melody maker about Gathering of the tribes festival october 1990 ,MTV had boycotted the festival, for commercial disagreements with Ian Astbury


                  The beggining SDC

LUCIFER is the newest single from The cult, which in May 22, 2012, will be releasing his new album.

 Eric Brunetti designer oct 2011
Ian and Apolla echino Tibet

Billy Joe armstrong -Green Day and Ian astbury BGEvil tour 2001

Rising tour 1999

  Mr Matt sorum
Mike Peters and Billy Duffy partners for all life

Ian astbury and lead guitarrist of Holy Barbarians , Patrick sugg

Ian astbury blondie for Holy barbarians time 95-96

 The cult line up 93-95

MTV special 93

Gathering of the tribes time 1990
Ian astbury and Crash Vegas one of several bands that performed at the festival.
Soundgarden , Mother love Bone and Cult  musicians 1989-90

The cult leaders and their girls 89

Ian astbury and Renee beach 88-89

rare photo taken in Paris in a nightclub 87 with [Jean Jaques Burnell left ], bassist and leader of the band The Stranglers, former rival Ian Astbury, who allegedly hit on Ian during a street fight, at the time of the punk movement in the UK during 70`s years.

Ian astbury , Ozzy osbourne and Billy duffy 1986

dreamtime era

First time with Matt sorum and Axl rose playing togheter.

Axl & Ian astbury singing lying on the floor

Axl on guitar , Matt drums , Izzy with Jamie Stewart bass and Jamie playing Izzy Les paul black...

Jamie with izzy guitar

Jamie on bass and Mike lawler on guitar

Joyce Filardi lucky girl
Jerry adams on vocals
Ian astbury playing guitar and axl singing

Mike lawler and Axl rose on vocals

The SCRAP BAR lounge new york city, stage of the event

THE CULT and ROSES episode

After an opening act for Metallica in July 1989, The Cult, along with photographer Dana Frank, ranging from early morning to a SCRAP  Lounge Bar of New York City, to meet friends from Guns and Roses and fun, the fun began 4 am and ended at 8 am the next day, even if the cult had made a previous show, Axl Rose, Izzy Stradlin, Matt Sorum, and Ian Astbury Jamie Stewart took turns on the instruments and played together music legends of rock as: Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Sex Pistols, and some famous Blues, musician and friend Mike Lawler of photography, Jerry Adams also participated in the Jam session, Axl Rose said at the time for the drummer Matt Sorum: "I 'm going to play with you one day, mother fucker! you watch! "
The two met in big bands 87 when The cult invited newcomers Guns and Roses, to open the show by the cult of the USA, after that the destinies of the two bands always skewed, sometimes with fights and most of the time with peace .

There are reports that some time later the band reunited in a studio in New York and played together and recorded a jam session, but nothing came up on us, at least so far...
musicians of the two bands have played together numerous times, three musicians have been part of the cult or auditioned to play in Guns and Roses, and Guns and roses the musicians have played with the guys in the cult jams and side projects

Camp Freddy

Seb Bach , Zz Top member , Glenn Hughes , Billy Duffy , Sen dog  and Franky perez [ Camp freddy ]
 Steven Stevens Wyfe with Billy , S. Stevens , Sebastian bach and wyfe

 Glenn hughes and Billy duffy live !!! Amazing jam session

Glenn Hughes , Taylor Hawkins [Foo fighters] and Billy Duffy
8 rare pictures of The cult.

Ian Astbury performed live during Gathering of the tribes oct 1990 [ Terry Nails on bass , back to Ian]
Billy duffy with Golden Les paul rare tribal adesive used only south american tour 95

Legendary Bob Rock [Canadian producer] performed acoustic guitar with the cult 94-95 [rare pic]
  Billy and probably girl at the time...
Sonic temple tour

Renee beach & Ian astbury 1989

Ian astbury teen [ ultra rare]

 Very sexy AJ CELI [ Billy duffy´s girl]

Steve stevens ,Chris wyse, Billy Morrison ,Matt sorum , Paul ´´Kiss´´ Stanley and Billy Duffy dec 2011

Matt sorum & Wyse on bass

Paul Stanley-Kiss

    The Cult & Kiss on stage

Glenn Hughes , Sebastian Bach , Max Weinberg [Bruce Springsteen]and Billy Duffy 2011
Aimee Nash & Ian astbury 2011

Billy Duffy working on recording the next album with producer Bob Rock, who has produced three albums of the Cult, Criss Goss had previously been announced as a producer BillyDuffy is using a Fender Stratocaster that was the guitarist of the MC5

Legendary Guitarrist Rick Derringer and  John Tempesta
Ian Astbury and sons [Dustyn and Che] , Brian and son Lewis Astbury , Lesley Astbury sister
       Brothers and Sister´s ASTBURY
Ian , Brian and the Father Mr. Robert Leighton Astbury
Amazing picture [ Brian and Robert Plant after The Cult concert ]
              Chris wyse working with Adrian ´´Iron Maiden´´ Smith
                    The cult Love era
                Kinley wolf on bass

 Pink Pop 1992

Billy duffy , Kid ´´Haggis´´ Chaos Bass, Ian astbury, Lez Warner drums , Jamie stewart rythim guitar Electric tour 87

 Rare moment Billy duffy playing Fender stratocaster guitar during sacred life song 94-95

Billy duffy , Ozzy Osbourne and Ian astbury 85-86
  Rare pic Love Era
Ian  astbury and legendary singer Ozzy Osbourne

Holy Barbarians 96
 Apolla & Ian [Himalaia-Tibet ]
Rob Zombie , Ian and Alice Cooper
                 Edie ciao baby -Renee beach video
                       Love begining 86
                               Renee , Ian and The Iguana man Iggy pop

        The Best voice of all history of rock with Renee , Plant is a very huge Cult fan....There is better recognition?
                   Toxic Twins and Renee beach

                        Ian astbury on the UK PUB with Harley davidson 95
                      Friends Cult & Roses

                   Slim Jim phanton & Billy duffy
               Brasilian fan with the cult gift signed

Chris Wyse said he recorded in a studio jam session with guitarist of Iron maidem , Adrian Smith, and that it will release the video, and even apossible side project

Ian Astbury Japan times

Gretsch white falcon Billy duffy edition 

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