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sábado, 5 de fevereiro de 2011


SÃO PAULO pictures :

In Curitiba, the Cult played for very large, but they did not know his work, The set list was shorter as required by the Festival, it seems the show was recorded on video and performed live on local radio.

I was very worried about whether the public would have to show, Sao Paulo has a huge amount of famous bands, which came just to Brazil, and the Cult, has already several times, moreover, the band had no disclosures, the impression that have is that the cult does not want public, not throw videos, and do not do much to promote themselves, but my fear is over, seeing the HSBC HALL filling up with people, parents with small children, rockers, goths, rockabilly, Yupi, nerds, normal people, many beautiful women, and 22 hours, was full house that fits 4000 people, the music that played before was very bad, very bad choice, I could see Tom Vitorino, manager of the band around, Tempesta, passed unnoticed in a cap, I found the biggest fan and collector of cult Brazilian Ricardo Silva Francisco, we took a picture together, and the public began to grow impatient, with a half hour late, comes on stage the Cult, Ian Astbury with the best visual I've seen it, the band's sound very loud, very high even Tempesta, was far from the stage, and Mike dimkich, sadder and off, than the other times I saw him, Billy duffy excellent and very discreet, Chris wyse with a nice shirt from the tour,They begin the show with Ewawias, one of the most annoying songs that the band has done, we waited for a set list like the previous ones, but as you can not trust what Ian Astbury says he put the big hits to play again, the same as cult always play in Brazil, and woe the audience going crazy, the sound quality of the cult now is inversely proportional to his marketing job and dissemination commercial that is zero, the songs are played perfectly, saints are down is beautiful, and improvised solo Billy, magnificent. Ian talks about the passion for Brazil, makes jokes about boring U2 and Bon Jovi, and I know he has a touch of envy at all the bands got together and mentioned, are light years more famous and rich that the cult, perhaps by respect and dedication to the fans, the line up of integrity and without changes, and regularity in the release of records and material to the public, but back to the show, a succession of hits, the sound is so loud it hurts my ears, so I heard something in rock in rio 2, Judas Priest concert, Ian sings excerpts from the novel Bad Lady gaga for 2 times, sections of 21st century man squizoid of King Crimson, Chris wyse music that played on the album with Ozzy UNDERCOVER, Ian and also recites snippets of a song from Black Sabbath during the excitement of the audience, someone hands him a birthday present early on he asks the name of the person it takes to respond, he would probably call it on stage Ian announces his short film, and leaves the stage, they return with the beautiful, Embers, unfortunately, Billy duffy not use the Fender telecaster, leaving us Brazilian fans, without ever having seen him playing the guitar, the excitement of the fans is such that's my side starts a riot and fighting, with practitioners POGO DANCE, mixed with Punk, Ian is playing the music that he himself had said he would not play as Fire woman, in a clear allusion: Never believe anything he speaks, he always contradicts himself in interviews and talks nonsense, after a pause, Ian thrilled, singing acapella, Painted of My Heart, by surprise, but as the people can not sing the lyrics, it stops and says no more will sing this song, is it? Ian who came to Brazil bald, now sports a long hair and a crazy look, the clothes are cool and not ridiculous, like that of visual clipboard he used in 2000, the band now, it's perfect, John Tempesta should improvise more, as did the irreplaceable, Matt Sorum, Chris wyse, is the best bassist of cult, Billy Duffy from a show, a fact that he has done in the last two discs of cult, where he forgets, which is one of the greatest guitarists of Manchester, living in the world, the sound of cult live, it's much more correct and accurate, than in tours of the past, the band is, note 10, Ian announces the single of the BIT, but touches the single from BG & EVIL, makes jokes about Argentines, and at one point, Billy duffy sings the congratulations for the anniversary on stage, Mike dimkich was too deep and his guitar on stage, low, but it is indispensable to The Cult, and is a nice person, the band makes a massacre on the stage with a class the most authentic and pure rock and roll, I am extremely happy to see the band I have been working since 86, be in great shape, physically and musically, Ian Astbury who was very fat due to their serious orthopedic problems, is thinner, and joy of the people on my side to see the cult for me was worth every penny of the ticket, It is certain that, if the cult had not changed much from musicians, was more regular in the release of albums, had an advertising correct, would be more considerate of his fans and his audience, which incidentally is the greatest treasure of the band,they would be as big a success as U2 and BON JOVI, Ian makes jokes all the time during the show ... it would be a touch of envy?

assessment of the show:

Sounding note 11
setlist note 7

Long live The cult and the rock and roll

curiosity, after the soil of wild flower, has a break in the riff, Ian Astbury always mentions a name of a writer, poet, rocker, etc., or different sentence, this show he said, follow the rock and roll ....



Everyman and Woman Is A Star
Electric Ocean
Sweet Soul Sister
The Phoenix
Saints Are Down
Lil' Devil

Prelude2ruins [short film produced by Ian astbury]

Dirty Little Rockstar
Wild Flower
She Sells Sanctuary
Love Removal Machine
Fire Woman
Break On Through (to the Other Side)

Ian astbury singing in Curitiba Brasil Lupaluna festival , The band's largest audience so far in 2011...


. A beautiful cover, if only as a band photo, the last album cover was ridiculous, so much that have changed, and they must put an insert rich in pictures and information, which encourages fans to buy and discourages pirating Internet.
. Sound, need not be a heavy as BG & E, but not POP, like THE CULT, fans do not want songs like short Ewawias, want music complex and beautiful as: White, Sun King, and that the musicians in support of the cult, can demonstrate their talents in music, as did Michael Lee, and Kinley wolf on stage in 1991, we want to hear Tempesta Wyse and show their full potential in songs from the new album.

. Billy duffy is not SMITHS guitarist, the Cult is a hard rock band, and he needs to assume the position of guitar hero, and detonate his Les Paul, without saving solos and riffs, until the album by rapper LUPE FIASCO, which Ian took part, has more guitars than the last album from cult??

. No video release, the band has lost 50% of the public ... does not help, Ian Astbury say no, that he likes both of Lady gaga, should know how videos are important.

. The Cult is the best band in the world of rock related, Ian Astbury is a friend and admired their own idols, Bowie, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Paul McCartney, Pistols etc. They could invite a friend to join the new album, as Iggy pop Stemple.

. The best record of the cult, was, Beggars banquettes, the cult does not throw recularmente albums, unreleased or not, the tendency is to forget, the gaps of the Cult were almost fatal to them, example was the Guns and roses, Today Axl Rose is almost a joke, having waited more than a decade, to release a new album, almost equal to The Cult, while bands like U2, IRON, STONES and all the great, never leave the fans without a release.

. The publicity of the band is terrible, there was nothing coming of them spreading through South America, and who loses from this are they, The Cult.

. The b-sides recorded by the band, are sometimes better than the official song of the album, as with the 1994 album, the cult enrich the extra material, with their B sides, since the second Ian Astbury cult should have about 15 for recorded music, Capsules, and 25 for the new album

. Very positive point for the cult is now preserving this great line up, before members of the exchange constant, caused a discredit to the critics and public

. Many guitars, Ian inspired, talented Wyse, Tempesta and recalling his days as a drummer in metal, the new album has everything to be the best ...

. Mike dimkich is indispensable for the cult, a keyboardist to play occasional live music as sssister, sun king, white, ny city would be a great idea, because on every album from cult has keyboards on some songs except ELECTRIC.

This page is the result of my dedication to the cult since heard on the radio in 1985, most of the information that I got are from reliable sources and many photos are really very rare, I would like people who had any questions or doubts write on the blog and answer all, who has some rare photo and want to send me:

In the discography page have the members' side projects, the various stages of the band, all musicians who played on the cult, an unauthorized biography of my own that should probably be the largest and most informative web

I soon put it on the English language, the artistic and musical influences of the band and pictures of people who have or are still part of their story

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