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THE CULT & FRIENDS [People who somehow have been or are part of the history of the band and their side projects, current and former members, friends ]


Danny Sugerman, manager of the Doors, Jim Morrison's friend and biographer of the band has always been a great supporter and friend of Ian Astbury, and hurts him that made ​​first contact Ian with the band in 1991.

THE DOORS, remaining: John desmore, Robby Krieger and Ray Manzareck, record a DVD to the television channel VH1, with various singers, making the place of JIM MORRISON, new album from the Cult record a version of wild child, Ian recording with the Doors, Touch Me, and Billy duffy participates in the live video, Ian Astbury stands out among the various singers, and is invited to relive THE DOORS on an extensive world tour, and recording new material with them.
With an incredible exchange of members, The Cult announces a new bassist Billy Morrison, former friend of theirs from England scheduled to tour the world 2001-2002

After three years of recording, and 3, different producers, Beyond Good and Evil comes out of the oven with production, BOB ROCK.
Martyn lenoble, Matt sorum and Billy duffy guests on Econoline crush album .
Brazilian rocker, Supla, son of the mayor of São Paulo, at the time, became close friends with Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy, talked about motorcycles, ny city, and about football, Ian Astbury, invited, Supla, to record some songs together.
Brasilian magazine : Ian astbury about Paulo coelho .
Argentina Bootleg 2000
For me !
Ian astbury and Rachel , your girlfriend [ girl with the hat on video CALIFORNIA-ZEN MAFIA] and kung fu fight during RISE video 2001.

The cult brasilian football game with the cult 2000

Ian astbury excelente soccer player.
Billy duffy talk with Brasilian musicians , friends to The Mission Uk .
Billy duffy delighted with guarana soda from Brazil, very hot during footbal game.

Caucaio do alto near São paulo nov 16 2000

Ian astbury , cult mananger , Rachel and Mark Ramone, drummer, behind Ian.
Ian astbury [ Santos torcida jovem team-t-shirt] with Camargo junior 89fm BOSS
Me and my guitar hero 2000
Ian Robert astbury and me , talk about the cult ...
Mike Dimkich and me , great guy ,very humble and worship...
Cult, the first radios in Sao Paulo, Painted of my heart, you are invited to play in celebration of 15 years of rock-radio 89fm, I was invited to assist in the organization and dissemination of the cult show, the director LUCIANA CURIATTI, After the concert, with 35,000 people, was promoted a football game, with rockers, players, and members of the Cult, in, escrow, sao paulo. Unique opportunity to chat, play soccer, take my doubts with my idols from THE CULT, face to face.

The cult South american tour 2000

Beggars Banquet released the box RARE CULT, 8 CDs, with about 120 other songs.
Martyn Le Noble, married to Cristina applegate, drops out of world tour with the cult, writes half the next album and is replaced by Chris wyse.

Billy duffy detonates his guitar on the album solo bassist J,Scott garret, participates, in addition to Slash.

Ian astbury 6 songs with ZILCH .

Billy duffy, Scott garret, are part of a project with bassist J, for the album Pyromania, Slash play guitar too, a number of musicians participating in the project zilch, together with Japanese musicians: Ian Astbury, mkagan Duff, Jerry cantrel steve jones Paul raven, Joe Castillo, sen dog, scott garrett, Jaz Coleman, Dave Kushner, etc., Ian Astbury guests on five tracks, plus of ´´Ape messiah´´.Ian astbury Viper room 99 , pocket show with new album solo songs acustic , with Chris goss.

Spirit Light speed second solo, album focused on electronic music, and reliving experiences that Ian was in Tibet, asia and on his second son Che Astbury

Ian astbury guest in Tony Iommi Solo album with Matt Cameron-drums-Laurence Cottle-bass-Brian may -guitar- and Iommi lead guitar , Flame on is amazing song ...

The cult release ´´Painted of my heart´´ Hit by Dianne Warren for Movie soundrtrack, got first place on the charts of radio stations worldwide,including Brazil, was invited to play on the anniversary of the greatest rock radio in Brazil in November 2000

Movie party [Gone in the sixty second]

The cult Tibetan freedom 99
Debby harry -Blondie Tibetan freedom 99
Eddie Veder Tibetan freedom 99


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The cult rising tour 99
Mike dimkich , tour guitarrist again with The cult

Martyn Lenoble & Porno for Pyros , Perry Farrel band
Martyn lenoble , Holand Bass player now with The cult , very good musician .
Let´s go all the way , Drop the baby [ 2 songs by Wondergirls]

Scott Weiland: vocals, keyboards
Martyn LeNoble:
Ashley Hamilton: vocals
Mark McGrath:
Jay Gordon :
vocals, synth
Ryan Shuck:
Ian Astbury:
vocals, guitar, harmonica, percussion
Ken Andrews:
guitar, synth
Shannon Leto:

Doug Ardito: keyboards

THE WONDERGIRLS -side project with Ian astbury .

Billy duffy playing with Ian astbury and Neurotic outsiders for a few times , Hollywood Viper room 98-99, starting the reborn of The cult.

Neurotic Outsiders is the band of the moment, cast album, with a dedication to Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy, at the end of 1998, Matt Sorum is the bridge connecting to the return of the Cult, Billy Duffy and Ian play live concerts with some of the Neurotic outsiders, and the public demanded the return of the Cult, the band decides to come back in style.

Matt sorum drums and vocals , Duff mkagan guitars and vocals , Steve jones lead guitars and vocals and Johnny taylor from Duran duran on bass , the new sensation of rock n roll .

Ian astbury guests on video and song : California from Zen Mafia
Steve Jones and Ian astbury playing soccer for benefit game 95
Ian astbury singing with Miki Berenyi from LUSH , Ciao song live ,jam session happened in 96 Electric Balroom, Miki and Ian some friends since 91.

Billy duffy , Steve Jones , Duff mkagan and Matt sorum , recorded Elected for Tribute to Alice Cooper January 99

Ian astbury sing on ´´Angel´s art´´ song for Witchman Dj -Josh hoome , great eletronic song

Cult, Love Removal Machine remix with Rick rubin, Mickey Petraglia, for the soundtrack of the movie Small Soldiers

Billy meets with Matt Sorum to record a song for a tribute to Rod Stewart, his partner and supporter of Manchester City.

Matt sorum and Billy duffy togheter for Rod stewart tribute ´´Dynamite´´ 98
Billy Duffy co-wrote and play in 2 songs[ Burnout syndrome and in circles]

The album is extraordinary, the sound is a mix of U2 with The Cult, as the voice of Mike Peters is very similar to that of Bono Vox, the critics said that the cult was a band with a voice even better, without no doubt the work of Coloursound fared better than the album The Cult 94.

Ex-Cult , Craig Adams and Scott garret togheter in Colousound with Billy Duffy

The album is extraordinary, the sound is a mix of U2 with TheCult, as the voice of Mike Peters is very similar to that of BonoVox, the critics said that the cult was a band with a voice even better, without no doubt the work of Coloursound fared better than the album The Cult 94.

COLOURSOUND ,Ian Astbury puts an end to the Holy Barbarians and begins a period of spiritual retreat in Tibet and travels to various corners of the world tour: Cuba, Argentina, Portugal, the Himalayas and is absent for a while, Billy duffy rides with his friend Mike Peters in end of 1997 the band Coloursound, Mike Peters guitar and vocals, Billy Duffy lead guitar, bass, vocals Craig Adams and Scott garret, drums drive the band releases and tours from 98 to 99, with a change of members, then writes Billy duffy participation in the solo albums by Mike Peters, showing the public that is in top form on guitar

From Liverpool with Love

Great drummer
Vic reeves British comediant & Holy Barbarians
Ian astbury firts time skinhead

Matt garret bass guitar

Patrick sugg lead guitar [ ex-lucifer wong, neverland]

Ian astbury playing drums very well during Holy barbarians concert in Italy

Greg Koughn on keyboards live

Nearly a year after the end of the Cult, Billy Duffy and having participated in 95 of 414 Vent, Ian Astbury after a long vacation, returns his native Liverpool and decided to form a new band and record an album, Cream-HOLY Barbarians 96, inspired by the book by Lawrence Lipton, Ian had the band on vocals and guitar, Patrick sugg on lead guitar, Scott Garrett on drums, Orlando Sims on bass, for the world tour, garret brother Matt Scott takes the bass, Koughn and Greg on keyboards, The Holy Barbarians tour from February to November of 1996, Billy Duffy in 1996 as the group INTERTATE: Craig Adams on bass, vocals Vincent Rocker, and Mark brezizick on drums.

The tour was a 94-95 overall success of the public and critics, but sales of the album The cult was a failure, Ian Astbury became extremely upset, and no plausible explanation? he simply left the cult in the middle of Rio de Janeiro, canceling the rest of the tour and ending the third time the Cult, Billy duffy Months later returns to England, and is part of the project VENT 414 with his friend Miles Hunt and Pete Howard Of The Clash.

95 Ian Astbury, about how she learned of the death of John Lennon,one of his biggest idols and influences

Ian Indiepiendente Argentina fan
Steven Tyler and Ian astbury after The cult concert in Canadá
Ian astbury Metro Paris France 94

James Stevenson and ass woman fan
The cult live in São paulo Olympia march 95
Maksoud plaza hotel São paulo Brazil 95
The cult Avenida Paulista São paulo´s Heart 95
Ricardo most dedicated Brasilian Cult Fan drinking Cerpa Beer Amazon with Ian .
Cult improvising a cover of the Cult, because they refused to hold a Brazilian magazine with Iron Maiden on the cover of Rock Brigade headquarters in Brazil
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Paying tribute to Lizard king in Pere lachaise cemetery Paris France 1994 , The Ian´s first son has the name of
Jim Morrison , Dustyn James Joplin Astbury Born in 93.
James Stevenson replaces Mike dimkich on guitar, James was a partner of Billy Idol in Generation X, Jene Loves Jezebel and Alarm , a longtime friend of Billy Duffy

Aky Nawaz ex-Southern death cult drummer with Ian astbury after Fun da mental [ Islamic Rap band] open for The cult
Ian Astbury being interviewed by Shannon Hoon, times before he died from overdose, Hoon was a close friend of Axl Rose and leader of Blind Melon
London Uk 93

Ian astbury appears in 5 songs of Messiah Eletronic group musicians
The Cult 93 : Mike Dimikich second guitar , Craig Adams bass and vocals , Billy duffy lead guitars, Scott garret drums and vocals and Ian astbury with genuine Walkman . Backstage of Guns and roses Uk show 93

Michael John dimkich from Steve Jones solo band , new guitar player of The cult

The cult 93 European tour with Mettallica and Guns and Roses

The cult live in 93 Uk Milton Keyne Bowls with Guns and roses tour

Craig adams The mission blood brothers

Scott Garret from Neverland band , with Guitarrist Patrick sugg , future partner of Ian astbury

New cult single

New the cult 93
Cult play new songs from future album during mini-tour and present the new musician ...
Another new cult drummer, from Washington dc [ Pop´s cool love, Nevermind, Dag nasty]

At the end of the year in a benefit concert the Cult, presents its new drummer Scott Garrett who plays with the great bassist Kinley Wolfe, Ian Astbury has the new songs, and wielding a Telecaster guitar playing a flawless version of Cortez the Killer Neil Young.

Golden God of Rock n roll, Great friend of The cult , Plant has always supported the Cult, even with the negative reviews from the press.

Michael lee play drums with Robert Plant 92

The cult drummer playing with Led Zeppelin´s legends , who pride for we fans

Michael Lee, after a resounding success as the drummer of the cult, was part of the band Robert Plant, leader of Led Zeppelin, and then went to play with Page and Plant, occupying the most coveted job in the world for a drummer

Billy Duffy and your old friend Johnny Marr-The Smiths-record together a modern version of the classic:´´ The good, the bad and the ugly´´ western movie song .

The witch videoclipe ,only Ian and Billy duffy ...

The cult working with Rick Rubin again a new cult album.

Kinley wolf : destroying everything with his powerfulbass

First Dvd of The cult

Typical of the grunge plaid shirt

´´Rock is dead´´ Ian astbury

Bootlegs 91-92

Cut hair and grunge style

Live at Finsbury park London 92

Homo Neandertalis Pink pop fest Holland 1992 [L7-Pearl Jam-Soundgardem-Lou reed...]

Nice hair

13 diferente version of She sells sanctuary

London 92

Jeff Ament Pearl jam bassist play with The cult live in Pink Pop Holland 92 , Ian totally junkie trying to find
the letter of ´´Roadhouse blues The doors´´ during concert, was almost zero, but Ian was sweatinga lot and no shirt on top, would the heat of Ecstasy?

Pearl Jam & The Cult [ short Europe tour together]

Pure Cult European tour 92

After the end of the tour Ceremony The Cult gives a general shift in career and style of the band, cut their hair, they make electronic music and Ian says that rock is dead. The Witch is a warning would sound like cult ahead, making up the soundtrack of the movie Cool World.

Dies at the age of 28 the first drummer for The Cult, a sequence of problems and even imprisonment, Nigel took a fatal overdose in London in April 1992.

´´Shine´´ powerfull voice of Ian astbury

Ian astbury live with Circus of Power , Gary sunshine on guitar

Ian Astbury recording with the band CIRCUS OF POWER, along with Jerry Cantrell-Alice in Chains, The band did a style that mixed Guns and roses with the cult, music typical of truck drivers and motorcyclists Americans ...

Maple leaf gardens Toronto Canadá dec 31 1991, New year´s eve party with Lenny Kravitz...

Lenny Kravitz opens the concerts of the Tour, and on New Year's Eve of 1992, the Cult makes a jam session with Lenny kravitz live in Toronto, Canada, the bands become very good friends

Pictures signed by Ian astbury in Brasil

Concert picture 91 ibirapuera São paulo

Kinley wolf bassist in Brasil

Michael lee drummer

The cult hotel Rio de janeiro , but the Rio´s concert was canceled , because Brasilian economy troubles.

The cult , the first time in Brasil december 91 São paulo


THE DOORS MOVIE PREMIERE MTV sept 1991 Oliver Stone, film director, along with The Doors, cast the movie THE DOORS OLIVER STONE, with the history of the band, at the request of the entrepreneur of the Doors, Danny Suggerman, Ian Astbury is indicated to audition for the role of Jim Morrison, Val Kilmer was chosen, in September 1991 to MTV, is a release party for the movie, and Ian Astbury is invited to sing with The Doors, along with other musicians, Billy Idol, a cover of Jim Morrison on vocals with they probably bassist Lee Rocker of the Stray cats, and supporting musicians, which was the first direct contact Ian Astbury with the remaining members of THE DOORS

Bob rock´s band

Billy duffy recording with producer Bob Rock, along with drummer Chris Taylor [Sonic Temple demos] and keyboardist John Webster, a stake in Rockhead album, band, Bob Rock, Hell's back door

Kinley wolf from Lord Tracy , new cult bassist Ceremonial stomp tour 91-92

Michael lee [ Little angels UK rock band ]

John sinclair [ ex-uriah heep , ozzy ] play keyboards with the cult since 89.

Ceremonial stomp tour band

After recording the album, Larry Abberman took the drums, along with bassist KINLEY WOLFE, but who got the wave of drums was the rookie MICHAEL LEE comes from the Little Angels

Larry abberman play drums Wild hearted son video

Charley Drayton and friends

Larry Abberman with Lengendary guitar player Stevie ray vaughan & brother in studio session

Charley Drayton play with various famous names of music

Charley side with Keith richards X-pensive winos live

Larry abberman & Charley drayton

Larry wild hearted son video

Drum and bass the cult 91

Ceremony producer

Great drummer Mickey curry , possible the best...

touches all instruments

Benmont tench keyboards [ U2, Mick jagger , Tom petty etc...]
With recording and remastering in May, July, August and September, The Cult released their new album CEREMONY, produced by Richie Zito, Mickey Curry drums again, and great musician plays everything Charley drayton, and a section of supporting musicians and backing vocals

The new bassist Todd Hoffman [ex-Lions and Ghosts-Steve jones band]

Eric singer [Sonic temple demo] and James Kottak [ wild roses and auditioning for Guns and roses ]

Kingdom come old friends of The cult

In January 1991, writes in The Cult unbelievable hollywood disc with recordings of songs from 1990 with Matt Sorum on drums in London, Red Zone 91 shows that the cult was up and its best for the bass TODD HOFFMAN, and drummer James Kottak, who had just finished auditioning for Guns and roses, place taken by Matt Sorum from the Cult.

Ian and Mark Morris kissing if kissing drunk of wine ...

Mark Morris considered for new cult bassist , and old friend of The cult since begginings...

The festival was a success in public, but it was ignored by MTV, who also copied the format with the LOOLAPALOOZA Ian broken friendship with the Guns and roses, not because they played at the Festival and the Stone Roses as well, Ian Astbury decided to go back The Cult, and get a return for exchange members, to leave the band into discredit with the specialized critic, unlike consecrated bands like U2, Police, Aerosmith etc.
Ian gets to pick new members, Mark Morris leading Balaam and the Angels and contemplated and bassist Ian's given to him at a charity festival for dependent heroin, angel Balaam and toured with the cult since the days of the Dreamtime.

The cramps

Iggy Pop

Lux Interior The Cramps

Ian reborn after tragedy of Father´s death . The Cult rising again !!!

Spiritual Father Iggy Pop

Beauty Canadian girlfriend of Ian astbury [Renee Beach] Edie´s video girl .

Bill Grahan producer with Ian astbury

Soundgarden & Ian astbury

Ice T [rapper and tv actor , Law and Order svu series]

The Cramps

Amy Ray from Indigo Girls

Pete Kelly & Ian astbury

Cult bassist during the second shows the Gathering of the Tribes, was Terry Nails, who played with the same Bily, Ian Astbury and Mickey Curry on the album FIRE AND GASOLINE, Pete and Nails also played with Steve Jones during the festival.

Pete Kelly was the drummer for the tour STEVE JONES, along with Terry Nails [ex-Ozzy Osbourne] on bass, and Mike Dimikich on rythim guitar.

During 2 shows The cult play with [ PETE KELLY ] on the Drums !!!

The Cult on the stage : But the musicians and support?
who are they?
Craig Adams , Billy Dyffy and Wayne hussey during Gathering of The tribes , California usa 6 oct 1990

Ian astbury & Sinead o´ Connor

Partners since the beginning, blood brothers [Wayne hussey]

Past months of mourning for the death of the Father, Ian Astbury moves to the hotel LE MONDRIAN LA USA, and plans a 24-hour festival of music, celebration, peace, with tickets at symbolic prices and with the proceeds going to American Indian nation and with support from various entities, GATHERING OF THE TRIBES October California

Old friends, sponsors and influences of thecult [Iggy, Jones]

Matt Sorum of new band, attending the show to publicize the album Brick by Brick Iggy Pop June 1990

4 stars of first magnitude in the rock world scene [Ian and old friend British Guitarrist Slash, Steve Pistols Jones and Sebastian Bach another cult friend and fan 1990]

Iggy Pop , Michael Hutchense Inxs and Ian astbury , The cult backstage 90
The kitchen sound unfortunately left the band.

Backstage, Metallica and Guns and roses, projecting the departure of Matt Sorum and having a premonition of the end of the Cult, theworld's greatest rock band in the early '90s.

In March 1990, the Cult makes presentations in crowded Los Angeles, attended by all friends of the band: Motley Crue, Lenny Kravitz, Aerosmith, Steve Jones, Metallica, Guns and roses, and Ian decrees the end of the second Cult picking up all the fans and the press by surprise, A suicide Music at full reign of success, Metallica convense Matt Sorum to leave and join the Cult of Guns and roses, since the Cult do not give him the deserved value, GNR provides half a million dollars and the post member fixed to Matt Sorum quit the cult, It's a deal! Later dissatisfied with his secondary role, Jamie Stewart leaves the cult, was the end ...
Steven Tyler and Motley crue´s gays, congratulate the cult.
Sonic Temple is an absolute success in sales and public concerts, the Cult hits one in the charts, Ian is getting more involved with alcohol and drugs, in early 1990, the Cult at their peak, Father Ian Astbury dies, and This fact causes a reversal in the trajectory of the band's success

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Billy , Terry Nails right

Ian Astbury is invited to co-produce the album Fire and Gasoline, the best solo album by Steve Jones, Ian does backing vocals, percussion on all songs, composes two, and makes trio with Axl Rose and Jones in a cover of S. Pistols, Billy Duffy and Mickey curry cult part of the album, besides Axl Rose and Nikki Six of Motley crue, Terry Nails and ex-ozzy on bass, the album is a sort of Sonic Temple, unmissable note 10

Mtv Party

Tommy Lee & Ian astbury

Axl cult t-shirt

Following an August 23rd gig at New Jersey's Meadowlands, the Cult's Ian Astbury, Jamie Stewart and Matt Sorum met up with Guns N' Roses' Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin at a New York metal lounge called the Scrap Bar at 4:00 a.m. (The Gunns had opened for the Cult on its 1987 tour.) From there, they went to a loft and jammed till eight in the morning. The set list included Aerosmith's "Mama Kin," Led Zeppelin's "Rock & Roll," the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction" and Black Sabbath's "Paranoide," along with some blues.The Cult and Guns and roses, gathered again at Electric ladysound studios Ny city and have made a jam session with songs from bands that influenced them: Fri Pistols, Led, Black Sabbath, Rolling Stones and Aerosmith, this probably was recorded jam
In April, the Cult released its thirs album, Sonic Temple which received positive reviews, although one critic referred to the album as "the funniest parody record I've heard since Spinal Tap.

John Sinclair [first left] ex-Uriah heep,Ozzy , play keyboards during second half of Sonic temple tour , first ,Mark taylor play [actually playing on Simple minds]

Due to massive abuse of alcohol and drugs, Ian was arrested a few times and picked up during fights in the Sonic Temple tour

Lars Ulrich the cult Love t-shirt
Mettallica, the most important thrash metal band, calls the Cult forthe opening band, Lars Ulrich band leader, is a diehard fan of theCult, the final show of the tour, they invade the stage of the cult,dressed as Ian Astbury.

Debbie harry for Andy Warhol
Ex-playmate Debby Harry , The cult friend
Ian Astbury is invited to participate in the solo album of former Playboy Playmate, and rocker Debbie Harry [Blondie]: song Love Light

Iggy , Duff -Guns and roses-Michael Hutchense Inxs during The cult concerts
Iggy Pop sing with The cult on New york city song of Sonic Temple

Edie sedgwick and Andy Warhol

Ian Astbury singing with Fuzztones

At times, Ian Astbury took the opportunity to make new Tatoos, Billy too [Chinese Dragon] and participate in some concerts with the band Fuzztones.

Produced by Bob Rock at the end of 88th and early 89th, SONIC TEMPLE was the best-selling history of the band, Mickey Curry held the post of drummer due to his vast experience and talent, Matt Sorum would return to live tour, Jamie Stewart back to bass, keyboards, aided by John Webster while recording the album

Matt sorum , the new live drummer discovered in 88 by Steve ´´Sex pistols´´ Jones.

unique show of the year sept 6th 1988 [very rare pictures]
Eric Singer on The drums 88
Bob rock
On June 88 the cult records in a studio in Hollywood, 21 new songs, Jamie Stewart on bass and drummer Eric Singer, In August, they rule all over again with Bob Rock producing, with keyboardist John Webster and drummer assistant Chris Taylor, Day 6 September the Cult, decides to make a top secret surprise show, The Scream Club in Hollywood, California, Kid Chaos which was outside the band, was asked to play bass with them again, and advised by STEVE JONES, A California beginner drummer, Matt Sorum, the show was almost prevented by the police because there were false reports that had a bomb in his backpack Ian Astbury, they played songs from Cult news, and covers of Iggy Pop,''This show is just for fun''Ian Astbury sept 88; For only 1000 lucky fans.Following the resignation of Les Warner, Ian was diagnosed with a severe stress and abuse of alcohol and drugs and cancels the rest of the tour in 88, and cancels a first show in Brazil, South America, The Cult disappears from the scene.

Tommy lee Motley crue drummer old friend of The cult and Les 87
Future band of Les Warner and Haggis

Ex-Partner of Les Warner , first son of JOHN LENNON BEATLES legend ,and
Ian astbury´s Idol from Liverpool
Les after Cult departure , play with several bans , include guitar hero STEVE STEVENS , Billy Idol´s.
Les Warner fired after fight with Ian astbury because Drummer kit destruction...

Very upset by Ian Astbury break your drums at the end of the shows for being unhappy and a bottom member at The cult, Les Warner fray and fired and processes the cult in
$ 300,000, after
an extensive tour of the cult has its 87-88 first

Electric gasoline of The cult

The cult huge fan

Kid Chaos play with Guns and roses for few times ...

Axl and The cult t-shirts
Ian Astbury, enchanted by the sound that a beginner band from the United States, presents the world GUNS AND ROSES, as an opening act, the two bands begin a long and troubled friendship, Axl Rose and the other members say they are fans of The Cult Kid Chaos becomes a great friend of the GNR, and during the marriage of Duff McKagan with Mandi Brix He plays bass for Guns and roses for a few shows ...

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Sections autoghraphs 87

Legendary producer Bill Graham & The cult 87

Very rare pictures ,section autographs Love tour 86

Jamie stewart on the second guitar

Aborted single released like song after .

Billy idol band and The cult 1987 [ very rare photo]
The cult TV ROAN RIVERS SHOW 87 during Ian astbury´s birthday ,call with your father Robert on the telephone live.
Ian astbury with your beauty Canadian girlfriend Renne Beach
Stephen Harris vulgo ´´Haggis´´ and Kid Chaos now on the bass with The cult.

The cult goes on the world tour, as one of the biggest news of the rock world, being hailed as the new Led Zeppelin and praised by the great legends of Rock, Billy Idol invites them to tour and the band reaches an amazing highlight. Ian invites a boy, his skating partner, Kid Chaos''''Haggis, a former Zodiac Mindwarp bassist Jamie Stewart, and places for guitar, his original position

The cult recording studios at Electric ladysound the new album, ELECTRIC, and for the world tour.

Ian astbury and girl during Billy idol birthday´s party Limelight London 86-87

Wayne ´´Blood brother´´ hussey leader of The mission 86

Ian no tatoo in forearms

The cult play with The mission live for several times and irony is against the sister of mercy , during ´´Shelter from storm song´´
´´Andrew Eldritch is Bald´´
The LOVE album is a milestone in the history of the Cult, The Cultinvites dissidents Sister of Mercy to open their shows, TheSisterhoods soon to become The Mission, the friendship betweenthe musicians and so great that The mission recorded music in Thehomage to the cult, and vice versa, this time Robert Plant The cultdecides to meet and go to the studio where they recorded the successor of LOVE, The Cult is invited to tour with Billy Idol whobecomes sponsor of the cult band and dissatisfied with the albumrecorded in England will rewrite it with Rick Rubin in the USA

Rare photos and press material on the beginnings of THE CULT
Les warner new tour drummer 85

After the release of the Love Cult LES WARNER hires for the world tour of LOVE, Les had played with Julian Lennon, son of former Beatle, Johnny thunders, Randy california etc

Big Country

After an extensive world tour, Nigel Preston was heavily involved with alcohol and hard drugs, and after a series of problems and interruption of recording a new album, the Cult Nigel kicked out and hire the experienced drummer Mark Brzezicki

Ray mondo had problems with immigration and the band had to replace it with the drummer NIGEL PRESTON originated from FRI GANG CHILDREN

A London DJ named BOY GEORGE friend Billy duffy warns that Ian Astbury of the SDC, wanted to start a new band and Billy Duffy would be the ideal partner for this, during a festival in Germany, the Theatre of Hate and Death Cult play together the same day, and the fate of future partners intersect and resolve to make a band together, Ian leaves the SDC, Billy does the same with the TOH and they recruit JAMIE STEWART, RAY MONDO, guitarist and bassist KANGAROO CORT, to form DEATH CULT , appears and the beginnings of a classic rock bands the world's major

SOUTHERN DEATH CULT became evident in the musical alternative and were invited to open shows for legendary BAUHAUS, who had for some time, singer and model Nico and toured with U2, New Order and many names beginners.

Brian astbury and your brother Ian astbury Liverpool old school

After a while Ian touring following the Crass, he sang the first time in a band, SEND NO FLOWERS, where not recorded then he fes a test to sing with a new band of dissident Violation, the Southern Death Cult.

Morrissey - Nosebleeds with Billy duffy partner

Billy Duffy of Manchester, began playing guitar at school, took part in various bands, taught guitar for Johnny Marr, was part of a band with Morrissey that after the ride with THE SMITHS Marr, was part of Theatre of hate, and advised by DJ BOY Goerg, assembled a band with Ian Astbury, who started as Roadie of Crass, and was a stagehand from U2.

[Tive um acidente e deletei sem querer todas as fotos dessa pagina e estou tentando refaze-las, peço desculpas e torço pra que consiga recupera-las]
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