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domingo, 26 de julho de 2009


Terry nails bass , working with The cult members on Fire and gasoline album to.
Ian with Pete kelly on drums , during Gathering of the tribes oct 90, Pete kelly left and Terry nails ,Steve jones with Fire and gasoline t-shirts right.
THE CULT -Gathering of The tribes , 2 concerts october 1990 live.The cult did not want to be featured in the festival organized by Ian Astbury, Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy, have borrowed, the musicians of support from Steve Jones, drums PETE KELLY, TERRY NAILS bass.
David nock , appears on : Paul Mcartney solo album Fireman , produced by YOUTH ,the same time as Born into This with The cult . David Nock has played the drums for 18 years, working with many top bands as a professional session drummer. He has played on albums from The Cult, The Orb, The Webb Sisters, Dolores O'Riordan (from The Cranberries) solo album, The Charlatans, Client, Arno Carstens and many more. He was also the youngest person to reach grade 8 percussion (at the age of 12) and was principal percussionist in the Dorset Youth and Percussion Ensembles.
DAVID NOCK, [BORN INTO THIS 2007], had the participation of the drummer on the recordings of the album.

Ozzy-Prince of Darkness, Under Cover
The Cult- Born Into This, Beyond Good and Evil
OWL-OWL new album on i tunes
Bowed bass on Paradise -Mick Jagger
Ace Frehley-new dvd
Jerry Cantrell
Big Blue Missile w Scott Wieland
Camp Freddy
Cardboard Vampyres
Tal Bachman
Matt Sorum
Nina Gordon
Bob Rocks band Payolas
Lusk w Paul D'mour from Tool
Metallica-''Some Kind of Monster''

CHRIS WYSE bass player [ e suas participações de trabalho , além de dar aulas particulares de baixo em LA , e ter participado de inumeras sessões de gravação em estudios ]

Danny saber , working with Rolling stones , Ronnie wood

DANNY SABER [ contrabaixo -tribute THE DOORS album-Ian astbury solo 2005]
Musico multinstrumentista do Black grape trabalhou com :madonna, ozzy, rolling stones, marylin manson ,david bowie ,U2.

MIKE DIMKICH [93-99-atual]ex- socal , channel 3 , steve jones band atual The looters

JAMES STEVENSON [95-96]ex-alarm , generation x, chelsea, gene loves jezebel, Mike peters solo ,glen matlock.

IAN ASTBURY [live ,the cult 94] Crass, send no flowers, southern death cult, death cult , cult, holy barbarians ,the wondergirls, solo e soft revolt.


CHRIS WYSE [2000-estudio -atual]ex-east wall,mr.strange, xodus, ozzy osbourne,cardboard vampyres, camp freedy atual THE OWL .

BILLY MORRISON [2001]ex- stimulator,into a circle, dohenny, circus diablo, camp fredy

MARTYN LE NOBLE [99-2000-2001 estudio bg&evil] ex-thelonius monster, porno for pyros, scott weilland solo , layne staylei e tom morello e janes addiction.

CRAIG ADAMS [93-94-95-96-2002]ex-espelaires, sister of mercy , sistehoods , the mission uk , coloursound, the alarm , spear of destiny , theatre of hate .

KINLEY WOLFE [91-92 live]ex-europe ,pré-pantera, lord tracy.

CHARLEY DRAYTON [ceremony album e bateria com Ian astbury em 2005] multi-instrumentista talentoso trabalhou com : rolling stones em dirty work , keith richards solo , neil young , seal , dyvinils, herbie hanckock , johnny cash , chaka kan ,iggy pop, courtney love , mariah carey e janet jackson.

TODD HOFFMAN [91-estudio] Bassist of Lions and ghosts band ,ex-voice e fantasy seven de steve jones

MARK MORRIS [90-live] Balaam and angels

KID CHAOS -HAGGIS-STEPHEN HARRIS [87-88 live] ex-zodiac mindwarp love reaction , guns and roses, four horsemen , electric hellfire club , solo ,atualmente médico em ny city .

JAMIE STEWART [83-1990] ex-ritual , death cult , solo gravou o album MASTESTROKE ,
Adrian smith iron maidem band solo The untochables


SCOTT HUMPREY [the cult album] ex-rob zombie , film producer , motley crue , fuel , tommy lee ,panic channel.

RICHIE ZITO [ceremony album] trabalhou com uma infinidades de bandas e famosos .

BENMONT TENCH [ceremony album] Jhonny cash , U2 , stevie nicks , bob dylan , rolling stones , ringo star , ramones , neil diamond , dyvinils , green day etc.

JOHN SINCLAIR [sonic temple tour-89-90-91-92] ex- cozy powel, uriah heep ,spinal tap e estudio e ao vivo com Ozzy osbourne.

MARK TAYLOR [ao vivo sonic temple 89] armored show , the alarm , simple minds

JOHN WEBSTER [sonic temple estudio] ex-alice cooper , bob rock , aerosmith , scorpions ,payloas, motley crue , rush .

JAMIE STEWART [love, sonic temple e ao vivo]


JOHN TEMPESTA [2005-atual] rob zombie, white zombie, testament , helmet , zack wylde , exodus e tony iommi solo

SCOTT GARRET [92-93-94-95-2002] ex-neverland , pop´s cool love , holy barbarians , zilch , ian solo , the mission uk , J , god lives underwater e dag nasty atualmente toca na banda Wired all wrong .

MICHAEL LEE [91-92] ex-holosade, little angels, robert plant solo , echo and the bunnymen , page plant ,jeff martin , thin lizzy , ian gillan .

LARRY ABERMAN [estudio-video de wild hearted son] ex-stevie ray vaughan & jimmy vaughan , jon taylor , wynton marsalis jazz musician , david lee roth , ric ocasek ,
foreigner , cirque de soleil.

MICKEY CURRY [88-89-91] estudio ex-darry hall & john oates , carly simon, david bowie , alice cooper , steve jones , tina turner , stevie winwood, cher .

JAMES KOTTAK [90-91] ex-montrose, kingdom come , michael lee firkins , wild roses ,warrant atualmente scorpions .

MATT SORUM [88-89-90-99-2001] ex-union flag , prophecy,jeff haris band ,slapback ,
chateau , tori amos Y kant tory head, hawk , johnny crash , guns and roses , slash snake pit , neurotic outsiders, velvet revolver , sammy haggar , glenn hughes , circus diablo e camp fredy e em 2003 gravou seu primeiro album solo HOLLYWOOD ZEN ]

CHRIS TAYLOR [ estudio 88] payolas banda de bob rock

ERIC SINGER [estudio-88]ex-lita ford , alice cooper , badlands , gary moore ,black sabbath atualmente Kiss.

LEZ WARNER [85-88]ex-shame 69 , jhonny thunders , randy california , julian lennon , here and now ,the waterboys , queen v , phoenix the cult cover , atualmente The celtic rockers.

MARK BRZEZICKI [album love-estudio]Big country , ultra vox , procol harum , musicos do the who , casbah club , interstate com billy duffy.

NIGEL PRESTON [83-85] sex gang children , theatre of hate , the gun gun club , the baby snakes .

RAY MONDO [death cult 83]ritual

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